Issue 4: May 2016

Issue 4 of Gorffennol can now be accessed here: Gorffennol Issue 4.


Articles can also be accessed individually:

Year 1

John Rogers, ‘“Purify yourselves!” Piye’s victory stela as theological statement’, written for Introduction to Ancient Egyptian History and Civilisation 2 (CLE121)

John Rogers – Purify Yourselves


Year 2

Alex Berry, ‘What was the significance of the Vietnam War for the Cold War?’, written for The Cold War (HIH272)

Alex Berry – Vietnam War

Kim Ingram, ‘Report on the life of Radegund’, written for Heirs of Rome (HIH2011)

Kim Ingram – Life of Radegund


Year 3

Oliver Brown, ‘Joseph Warren’s oration of the Boston Massacre’, written for Liberty, Slavery, and the American Revolution (HIH3217)

Oliver Brown – Boston Massacre

Joe Swyny, ‘Was Romantic love the driving force behind marriage formation in early modern England?’, written for Family, sex and intimacy in early modern England (HIH-3171)

Joe Swyny – Romantic Love

Thomas Cox, ‘Livy, Book 21’, written for Rome and the Mediterranean 264-146 BC (CLH375)

Tom Cox – Livy

Chloe Scott, ‘Why did Ramesses III try to emulate Ramesses II?’, written for Ramesses III: Empire, Invasion, and Conspiracy (CLE-336)

Chloe Scott – Ramesses III