Issue 3: January 2016

The third issue of Gorffennol can now be accessed by clicking on this link: Gorffennol issue 3.


Articles can also be accessed individually:

Year One

Oliver Garbett, ‘Is Horace Ode 1.37 pro-Augustan, anti-Augustan, both, or neither?’, written for Augustan Rome (CLH112)

Access: Oliver Garbett

Stephanie Brown, ‘What did Medieval people think caused the Black Death, and how did they respond accordingly?’, written for Medieval Europe: an introduction (HIH117)

Access: Stephanie Brown

Eugenia Gower, ‘Write your own Heracles myth’, written for Of Gods and Heroes – Greek Mythology (CLC101)

Access: Eugenia Gower


Year Two

Laura Bailey, ‘How important was farming (socially, economically, politically, culturally) for a Greek polis?’, written for Greek City States (CLH264)

Access: Laura Bailey

Bronwen Swain, ‘What was the league of German girls?’, written for The Practice of History (HIH237)

Access: Bronwen Swain

Dale Cutlan, ‘How useful is Domesday Book as a source for understanding the impact of the Norman Conquest on England?’, written for War and Society in the Anglo-Norman World (HIH252)

Access: Dale Cutlan


Year Three

Charlotte Morgan, ‘How important was it for Alexander to be recognized as pharaoh and what did it involve?’, written for Alexandria: Multicultural Metropolis of the Ancient World (CLE334)

Access: Charlotte Morgan

Jed Rual, ‘Masculine iconography of 18th dynasty royal women and its influence on the perception of their role as queen’, written for Ancient Egyptian and Ptolemaic Queens (CLE342)

Access: Jed Rual

Andre Chavez, ‘To what extent did British success in Europe during the Seven Years War depend on the strength of the Fiscal-Military state?’, written for The Great War for Empire II, 1754-1764: Europe (HIH-3306)

Access: Andre Chavez


MA Level

Andrew Morel-du-Boil, ‘A public space of varying suffering: Public lavatory provision in Victorian Bury-St-Edmunds’, written for Directed Reading in History (HI-M80)

Access: Andrew Morel-du-Boil