Issue 2: May 2015

The second issue of Gorffennol can now be accessed by clicking on this link: Gorffennol issue 2.


Articles can also be accessed individually:

Year One

Daniel Green, ‘How and why did European science and medicine change between 1500 and 1700?’, written for World History: 1500-1800 (HIH118)

Access: Daniel Green

Luke Rees, ‘How much political power did women hold during the revolutionary American era?’, written for Making History (HIH122)

Access: Luke Rees


Year Two

Jess Fallon, ‘Compare and contrast three translations of Chariton’s Chaeraes and Callirhoe‘, written for Intermediate Greek I (CLG203)

Access: Jess Fallon

William Clayton, ‘Analysis of recent archaeological work: The Theatre at Aphrodisias’, written for Writing Ancient History (CLH284)

Access: William Clayton

Robert Percy, ‘How did the introduction of democracy change the life of ordinary Athenians?’, written for Athenian Democracy (CLH286)

Access: Robert Percy

George Veater, ‘Participation in the war effort opened up new opportunities for previously marginalized groups who then gained concessions from the State’, written for The First World War (HIH255)

Access: George Veater

Richard Davies, ‘Dehongli Terfysg Tonypandy ar y Teledu’, written for Hanes ar y Teledu (HIH264)

Access: Richard Davies


Year Three

Alex Foster, ‘The triumph of Horus at Edfu’, written for The Egyptian Temples of the Greco-Roman period (CLE331)

Access: Alex Foster

Olivia Kinsman, ‘A discussion on the function, structure and nature of the mwt within the category of ancient Egyptian demons’, written for Supernatural Beings and Demons of ancient Egypt (CLE343)

Access: Olivia Kinsman

James Curtis, ‘Assess the effectiveness of remedies for unpaid debts (actions of debt, detinue and account) under late medieval law’, written for Law and justice in medieval England (HIH3311)

Access: James Curtis


MA Level

Carys Mills, ‘PIE in the sky: The Proto-Indo-European root of Zeus’, written for Comparative Indo-European philology (CL-M25)

Access: Carys Mills