About us

About Us

This is the staff and student team from Swansea University that are working together to create the 2016/17 edition of the Gorffennol journal and blog.


Dr Charlie Rozier, Supporting Lecturer

Charlie Rozier is a Lecturer in Medieval History and employability coordinator in the History Department. He will be helping us to organise the journal this year, overseeing the project and helping us if we experience any problems in the process.

You can find out more about Charlie’s research and teaching interests at http://www.swansea.ac.uk/staff/academic/artshumanities/hc/c.c.rozier/

Email: c.c.rozier@swansea.ac.uk

Charlie welcomes students to follow him on Twitter: @rozierhistorian



Stephanie Brown, Chief Editor

Final Year History and Medieval Studies Student

My main passion is legal and social history. My research interests include crime and punishment, the ‘crisis’ of the fourteenth century, criminal law, medieval women, coverture, witch trials, capital punishment, history of interpersonal violence, colonial America, histories of marriage, divorce, rape and abortion, and local and family history. I am currently completing my applications for a Masters degree in September.

While at university, I have undertaken placements at archives and museums, taught Latin and interned at Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine. Alongside my university commitments, I am the Public Relations Secretary for the Swansea Branch of The Historical Association and the PR Officer for Friends of White Rock Copper Works. I also sit on the committee for Women’s Archive Wales.

Email: 523919@swansea.ac.uk

Twitter: @StephEmmaBrown



Amy Megson, Web Design and Communications Officer

Third Year English Literature and Medieval Studies Student

Although my degree is largely weighted towards English Literature rather than History, I have a keen interest in the historical context for medieval literature. My preference is the later Middle Ages (particularly c.1300 onwards), and enjoy the topics of the history of the English language, the medieval Church, and the Hundred Years’ War and the Wars of the Roses. My literary interests concern the Arthurian legend, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and gender theory.

Email: 833638@swansea.ac.uk



Benjamin J.R. Jennings, Communications Officer

History Masters Student

My research interests are mostly in environmental history and the early modern period. I particularly like; environmental exchange in the British Atlantic world, maritime history, the East India Company, networks of trade and knowledge, smuggling in Britain, mapping and exploration. I also work with the Hafod-Morfa copper and oral histories project. For my bachelor’s I studied in Swansea and Radboud University Nijmegen. I come from a small village in Staffordshire and I’m a keen musician.

Email: 713735@swansea.ac.uk

Twitter: @BenjamJennings



Adam Fletcher, Communications Officer

Second Year Ancient and Medieval History Student

Despite my degree only spanning the ancient and medieval periods, I am interested in most periods of European history. In particular, I am fascinated by the Anglo-Norman period, specifically the political and military history of the Angevin Empire under Henry II and Richard I, which I plan to study further for my dissertation. In the future, I hope to study for a Masters in Medieval Studies.

Email: 880712@swansea.ac.uk 



Harry Cochrane, Art Editor

Third Year History Student

I arrived at Swansea University from the small town of Yeovil in South Somerset, with a brief three-month spell living in Brisbane in the summer of 2014. My years of study at Swansea have centred largely on the political and military histories of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era, the Russian Revolution and the Cold War Era alongside studies of the Seven Years War and 18th Century British Empire: I am currently writing my dissertation on British Naval Prize Law in the Napoleonic Era. I have worked for several summers as an administrative assistant at a firm of solicitors, and work experience at a sports journalism firm, perhaps with an eye towards a future career. However, I also have a keen desire to complete an MA in History and subsequently a PhD.

Email: 827139@swansea.ac.uk 



Lili Thompson, Photography Editor

Third Year History Student

A modern history enthusiast. Studying at Swansea University has given me the chance to engage in a vast range of topics which have improved the ways I research and study history. The main historical topics which stand out during my studies was the study of Occupied Europe during the Second World War, a history of memory and conflict which looks at the ways which conflict is remembered, and post-war reconstruction. My dissertation is a study into British anti-Semitism during the interwar years (1919-1939), which shows my interest in modern history and the cultural and social effects of conflict. Studying a final year topic on war photography will compliment my role within the journal as photography editor.

Email: 831184@swansea.ac.uk



Becky Burgoyne, Photography Editor

Third Year English Literature and Medieval Studies Student

As a joint honours student in Literature and History my main interests lie in medieval literature – as such I enjoy reading and researching epic poetry such as Beowulf; Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; and most specifically many different areas of Arthurian Literature. I also have a keen interest in language; I have enjoyed previously studying Middle English and wish to continue, although I also have a strong preference in studying Old English, something I intend to do this term.

I am passionate in my research of historical topics such as the Black Death and Peasant’s Revolt, mainly as I am fascinated by the depiction of the lower labouring classes – again through literature – during this time period. As an avid photographer I am very excited to be taking part as one of the journal’s photography editors for this year!

Email: 828380@swansea.ac.uk



Lauren Kent, PR Officer

Second Year History Student

I am interested in mental health history, as it’s not really studied at great depth and I have experiences of it myself, therefore I am very passionate about this topic. However I love learning and broadening my knowledge, so am keen at researching a variety of historical topics. I am diligent, hardworking and am really excited to be a part of the PR team at the history journal!

Email: 864283@swansea.ac.uk



Liam McDonald, PR Officer

Third Year Ancient and Medieval History

As a student of ancient and medieval history my main interests lie in the period of late antiquity and the changes throughout the Roman Empire at this time. I am also a committee member of Swansea Student Media where I help to produce content for SUTV and Xtreme Radio.

Email: 827505@swansea.ac.uk