Gorffennol the Great: a report of our launch

On Tuesday night, a packed Council Chamber saw the launch of the History and Classics Department’s Student journal, Gorffennol. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a legacy was created. . .


Launch invitation

Evelien Bracke (the project coordinator), most of the student editors, and Oliver Leighton, a student who already got his work published, spoke about various aspects of the project including the fun and challenges of starting such a project, as well as implications for the future of our department’s research culture.


Evelien Bracke introduces the launch (photo courtesy of Ilana Cohen)

I think the most important part of the journal is that undergraduates and postgraduates are aware that there is a resource where they can get their own essays published and can view other people’s work. Some lecturers talk about previous students’ work, but others don’t and this journal provides that option to all modules.

The support for the project is also noticeable. The achievement of published work is typically something reserved for postgraduate students or career researchers. I have particularly enjoyed the chance to write blogs such as this, as it shows the project is engaging with what is hopefully an ever increasing audience. From conversations with staff from the whole university as well as students, it is clear that everyone has been keen to hear about the journal and are enthusiastic about its future.

I have enjoyed being an editor as it has given me a chance to see the project develop throughout last term. It has been a steep learning curve, with many challenges but I have enjoyed being part of such an exciting project. From having concerns about the content, profile, and interest, we now have a collection of essays to choose from for future issues of a journal that had a fantastic launch. Projects which involve predominantly student work, yet also display continuity of research between staff and students are exciting as they give students a more active role in their learning process.


The editorial team enjoys a break after the launch.

The first issue of the journal is now online and can be viewed at http://gorffennol.swan.ac.uk.

The powerpoint we used for our presentation can be found here: Gorffennol launch presentation.


Written by Emma Garland, journal editor